Here’s How To Beat Facebook Messenger At Its Own Game

mssengerPhoto Courtesy of Facebook.
Last week we told you about Facebook Messenger's insidious Terms of Service. The app's ultra-invasive conditions, coupled with Facebook's insistence that users install the app in order to send any and all messages, had users in an uproar.
Well, have no fear, dear reader. We're here to tell you that there is in fact a way to loosen Facebook's iron fist.
All you have to do is this: When installing the Messenger app, just stop it mid-download. Now go to the main Facebook app, click on messages, and voila! You will no longer be prompted to download the Messenger app.
Publicizing this quick fix may be a bit of a double-edged sword, as Facebook is likely to rectify the glitch once news circulates. So, enjoy the freedom it lasts.
And, remember: Facebook is watching. (Mashable)

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