Kim Kardashian’s Ugly Cry Is Now A T-Shirt

She's cried over diamond earrings. She's cried over not, like, knowing what she was doing. She's cried over someone wanting her to do "full-on porn" (the nerve!). And now, she can cry all over your T-shirt.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Crying Kim tee. Designed by one enterprising Robert Boris, the top features Kim Kardashian's most screw-faced cries of all time, classily rendered in black-and-white, and tiled together for your laughing viewing pleasure.
We first learned of the tee when Kim's eldest stepbrother, Burt Jenner, posted it to his Instagram with the caption, "My new favorite shirt..." Ellipses really can speak volumes, can't they?
The true brilliance of this tee is, it works for Kim K. fanatics (fun fact: They prefer to be called "Dash Dolls"), and haters, alike. This writer has never once sullied her eyes with an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and I want one, too! Show your love — or hate — for America's most divisive celeb by wearing her overexposed visage on your torso 40 times. It is truly the perfect, post-modern tee for our celeb-befuddled world.
You can click here to buy the shirt for $55 — a small price to pay to commemorate America's favorite sobbing celebrity.

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