Feral Cats Have Taken Over A Walmart, Begin World Domination

Of all the ways society could crumble, of all the ways an apocalypse could befall us, we really thought we'd prefer the cat version. In fact, we thought we'd welcome our cat overlords. Now that it's arrived, though, we feel unsure, and a bit afraid. The first sign of their inevitable takeover is at a local Walmart in Jasper, Indiana. Nearly 40 feral felines have set up shop in the retailer's parking lot — and they're going nowhere.

The chain is apparently "desperate" to get the problem under control. So, it's working with The Humane Society and local authorities to relocate the wild kitties.
The plan is to lure them with food each day and trap them. But, The Humane Society must first find a suitable home for the cats, as they cannot be tamed. Authorities are urging locals who may have a suitable farm or open space to contact them so they can get this problem solved.

How naïve they are. Don't they know this is the beginning of the end? (Consumerist)

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