Would You Play Spin The Bottle At A Bar?

Wine_5_RockieNolanPhotographed by Rockie Nolan.
They say high school never really ends — and a new bar in East Williamsburg is capitalizing on that. DNAinfo reports that Amancay's Diner, opening in the neighborhood next month, will feature a Spin the Bottle table ("the world's first," according to owner Chang Han).
Operating under the assumption that people go to bars to make out with strangers, Han streamlined the process with this table, which is outfitted with leather booths and a bottle securely affixed at its center. A warning for NYC rom-com fans: There will be no meet-cutes at Amancay's; you will simply sit down and get to it.
Han considers himself a "professional party guy." He's owned various other establishments throughout his career, from a restaurant in the East Village called Gama to grocery store/bodega St. Mark's Market. Some of his fondest memories at these businesses include bowling with produce, wrestling in jello, and playing Spin the Bottle — always with younger women, according to DNAinfo.
Amancay Diner is for night owls with nowhere to go after last call. As such, the restaurant will operate 24 hours a day and will serve "Bushwick-ified" food: your diner favorites, but with organic ingredients and healthier cooking practices. So, feel free to skip the smooch booth and head straight for the chicken noodle soup. Plus, the diner boasts both outdoor and indoor seating, the latter with a visual homage to Han's reputation: a mural of "a cartoon owl with a top hat and the words 'Sexy enough for Chang,'" says DNAinfo. Apparently, you can also get this on a T-shirt.
So, would you go on a possibly uncomfortable stroll down memory lane at a diner run by a self-identified "professional party guy"? It's no 7th-grade basement, but it certainly rivals one in awkwardness.