Is It Tuesday Morning? Time To Get Your Sext On

It's Tuesday morning. You're comfortably nestled at your desk, in between that guy who always hums the Doctor Who theme song under his breath, and that woman who calls everyone her "little dumpling." A giant stack of TPS reports just fell on your lap, your intern doesn't know what "misto" means, and the clock is moving slower than a Terrence Malick movie.
It's going to be a long day.
That's when it hits you. What better way to cure a case of the Tuesdays than by composing an X-rated text to your weekend paramour?
According to a study from Retina-X Studios, Tuesday morning is the most sext-heavy time of the week. The company, which "develops tracking tools for computers, smartphones, tablets and networks," polled 4,800 people to determine the startling result. Their research also revealed that iPhone users are far more prone to sexting than Android users, which makes total sense. Can you even remember the last time you hooked up with a (gulp) Android user? We sure can't.
Just kidding. But, we do hope to one day live in a world where smart phone discrimination is no longer a thing.
That being said, is it Tuesday yet? (Beta Beat)

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