Uber’s Next Foray Into Food Delivery: Personal Chefs

uber_hamptons_chef_email_540x300_r2Photo: Courtesy of Uber and Kitchensurfing.
Everyone's favorite on-call vehicle has partnered with everyone's favorite on-call chef for a one-day, on-demand extravaganza. Building on previous food-delivery success (in July, Uber made Manhattanites scream for ice cream), Uber is now going after a more highbrow client: the Hamptonite. On August 9, Uber will deliver a Kitchensurfing chef to your Montauk living situation and feed you (and six to 16 friends) for $35 a head. So, rally your closest acquaintances — but first, book your ticket out east.
The service, aptly named UBERCHEF, opens at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. If you're anywhere between Southampton and Bridgehampton — or between East Hampton and Montauk — you can choose from two mealtime options: 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for lunch, and 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for dinner. Once you place the order, a chef will show up at your door with all of the ingredients for your four-course, Uber-ordered meal in tow.
Kitchensurfing meals range anywhere from $30 to $480 per person, depending on the ingredients and how many courses you request. Nevertheless, $35 is probably more than you want to pay for a meal if you've already shelled out to get to the Hamptons in the first place. But, think about it: A three-course dinner at NYC Restaurant Week is $38, and that doesn't include a personal chef in your own (rented) kitchen. Plus, it's much less satisfying to say, "I went out to dinner," than it is to say, "I ordered a chef on Uber."
Before you start planning your weekend-dining schedule (it's the last weekend for NYC Restaurant Week, after all), check out some of the menus that will be available on UBERCHEF this Saturday. With 10 menus and two on-demand services in one day, this looks like a great weekend to head out to the Hamptons.
Sample Menus:
Warren Schierenbeck: "Big green salad with farmers market goodies, crostino two ways (lobster, beets, and mint; charred rabe, beets, ricotta), Lacona Farms chicken with salsa verde, and Fresh East End fruit with basil sabayon and biscotti crumbles."
Dante Giannini: "Flash-grilled ahi tuna, toasted wheat berry salad, marinated baby beets, farm stand berry crumble."
Dominique Agri: "Chicken and lamb spears, pearl couscous, Giardiniera (pickled summer vegetables), polenta cake."
Deborah & Bryan Burchell: "Island spice pasta salad, tropical sunshine salad, pomegranate chicken, plantain bites, summer cobbler."