Never Hate Your Run Again

Photographed by Kava Gorna.
If fitness trainers are the new celebrities, runners just might be the new artists. Their medium of choice is a GPS-enabled fitness device. Their pieces of art are digital maps of their running routes. So, for the times when you just don't want to run, perhaps those miles will feel a little less tedious when you think about how each step and turn has an artistic purpose. Think to yourself, That extra lap is more than just a half-mile — it's how you'll create a stiff middle finger.
Recently, we had a chance to chat with Claire Wyckoff, the 33-year-old, San Francisco-based runner behind the Running Drawing Tumblr. She's known for her running-route artwork — most notably, her detailed penis prints. (The pictures take some serious planning before she even laces up her sneakers.) Read on to see what she has to say about her craft and check out a few of our favorite GPS drawings.

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