These Are The City’s WORST Subway Lines

unnamed-1Photographed by Ruby Yeh.
If you watched Sharknado 2 last night, you have every reason to believe that only bad things will happen to you on the 7 train. The truth? While we can't promise impending threats of a freak storm, we can assure that the Manhattan-Queens line will be the cleanest, most frequent, and most spacious line in the city. On Thursday, the Straphangers Campaign released its semi-annual "State of the Subways" report, which concluded that the 7 train is the best subway line to ride in New York City (for the seventh time since 1998), thanks to sanitation, an abundance of arrivals and departures, and, what we all dream of: an array of available seats.
For those stuck with the 2, C, and A trains on their morning commute, there's no doubt you've endured some seriously unfavorable conditions: irregular service, frequent mechanical breakdowns (which can lead to lengthy delays), and little room to sit, move, or breathe during its busiest hours. The 2 train, which travels from Wakefield to Flatbush, failed (for the second year in a row), being named the worst line in New York City, period, thanks to its failure to arrive on time and lack of seats, almost always. If you're riding the 2, C, or A, you're almost guaranteed massive delays and sticky, overcrowded rush hour trips.
The report also examined the subway's performance overall, determining that "crew breakdown rates [have] worsened," while cleanliness and the accuracy and clarity of announcements marginally improved, thankfully. The subway may not be perfect, but hey, at least it's moving in the right direction. Unless you're on the 2 train — then you're probably not moving at all. (NY Daily News)