Model Ink: See Cara Delevigne And Jourdan Dunn Get Matching Tattoos

Say you're a supermodel who hosts a cooking show — but you don't feel like cooking today. So, you run out to your favorite Thai restaurant instead — and on the way, run into your BFF Cara Delevigne. Together, you put down some pints, eat some Pad Thai, and discuss the heady, philosophical meanings behind your model tattoos. And then, those lagers hit your head, so you hit a hotel room to get matching tattoos to commemorate your mutual love. From a man named Bang-Bang.
Fashionista reports that that's all in a day's work for supermodel Jourdan Dunn, host of the cooking show Well Dunn (cute), which appears on Jay-Z's Life + Times site.
Tipsy supermodels in love, tattoos, and Thai food? There is literally no combination we love more. Add in British accents (Jourdan's "CAW-RAW!!" is adorable), and this is pretty much the biggest jackpot of cute since a four-year-old learned about mortality. Watch below. (Fashionista)

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