Robert Pattinson Finally Speaks About The Incident

Esquire-R-Patz-bigPhoto: Courtesy of Simon Emmett for Esquire.
We haven't heard from Robert Pattinson in quite a while, though it turns out that was at the actor's behest. Despite being the epitome of all things Hollywood during the height of Twilight mania, that was never a role Pattinson wanted to fill. He doesn't want to be peed on. Yes, that's an actual quote from Robert himself. It's actually one of many memorable bites in an incredibly candid interview in the new issue of British Esquire.
He also takes the opportunity to finally open up about the incident. You know the one: Kristen Stewart's infidelity with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. But, Pattinson is ridiculously — almost frustratingly — mature about the whole affair.
"Shit happens, you know?” he tells the magazine. “It’s just young people… it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a shit?”
The interviewer reminds Robert that a lot of people gave a shit, yet he remains Zen.
Esquire-September-Cover-bigPhoto: Courtesy of Simon Emmett for Esquire.
"The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict," he says. "It’s like that scene in Doubt [2008, in which Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a priest suspected of inappropriate behavior], where he’s talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky, and you’ve got to go and collect all the feathers."
We hadn't realized just how much we'd missed these zany Robert Pattinson allusions until now. It reminds us of the first time we fell in love with his charming, affable, "who me?" humor: the Flounder incident. Who could forget? (In case you did, watch it on the next page.)

Welcome back, RPattz. Actually, let's call him Robert from now on. He's escaped the Hollywood machine, and that absolutely merits the retiring of his tabloid nickname.
Read the full interview at Esquire UK.

The full interview appears in Esquire UK’s September issue, on sale July 31. Also available as a digital edition.

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