New App Turns You Into An Emoji

1imojiPhoto: Courtesy Imoji.
Emojis are brilliant. They're also a bit limiting. The smiley-face's eye roll is good, but, you know, not nearly as devastating as your own. And, be honest. That female tango dancer just doesn't cut it when you're really trying to say, "Let's hit the clubs and twerk until we fall on our asses."
Thankfully, there's now an app for that. Imoji, which launched this week, pulls images from your personal photo library and lets you transform them into your own little emojis. Did we mention it's free?
emojiPhoto: Courtesy Imoji.
No longer will some anonymous cartoon cat take the place of your beloved Lady Fiddlesticks. Your notorious blank stare will be immortalized in emoji glory. You will get that cronut emoji if it's the last thing you do.
You probably had some important errands to run today, but those can wait. You've got emojis to create. (Forbes)

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