Jon Stewart Says Hillary’s Definitely Running For President

We've all been waiting for Hillary Clinton to formally announce her run for president in 2016. While she hasn't made an official statement, all signs are pointing to another campaign from the former secretary of state. During an interview about her new book, Hard Choices, Jon Stewart was determined to get a straight answer out of her. After spending about 45 seconds asking about her new memoir, the Daily Show host finally went for it. "I think I speak for everybody when I say no one cares they just wanna know if you're running for president."
Clinton, the good-humored woman that she is, was coy with her response: "I was going to make an announcement, but you kinda spoiled it for me," she told Stewart. "I'm just gonna have to reconsider where I go do it." Though that's not exactly a press release from the Hillary Clinton For President campaign, we're tempted to take that and run with it.
Much of Stewart's follow-up questions were directly related to the presidency. "Do you have a favorite shape for your home office?" he asked, wondering if she prefers, say, corners over an oval. "The fewer corners that you can have, the better," said Clinton. He pressed on with inquiries about whether she likes to sit in traffic or cause it, and whether she enjoys nonstop criticism. Her answers were just so hint-y we could die.
Check out the full interview below and decide for yourself. Just remember this: The last time Clinton appeared on Stewart's show was to announce her campaign for 2008. (LA Times)

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