WunWun's Delivering Everything For Free

wunwunPhoto: Courtesy of WunWun.
Free delivery is a busy New Yorker's saving grace. Thanks to services like Seamless and Drizly, we've been spoiled by the convenience of ordering anything online, at any time, without ever having to speak with another human. But, there's always that one restaurant you love that has no online presence, and it's either too far or too late to venture out. Then, there are ridiculous order minimums for delivery, much to a solo diner's anguish. Luckily, we live in a "There's an app for that" world. In this case, it's WunWun, and as of 11 a.m. today, you can get anything delivered, free of charge.
We've raved about the convenience of WunWun before. The on-demand delivery service can bring nearly anything in the city directly to you. Thanks to its partnerships with a number of NYC restaurants and stores, the app is like an affordable personal assistant, delivering what you need, from nearly anywhere, in under an hour. All you have to do is purchase it through the app.
Along with expanded delivery coverage to all of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and the Hamptons, WunWun announced there's no delivery charge or order minimum for orders placed locally (in and for Manhattan, in and for Brooklyn). You'll only encounter a $10 fee for cross-borough orders, or if you want WunWun to run your delivery errands, like dropping off packages for you.
It's worth noting that Shake Shack doesn't deliver...but WunWun takes care of that little problem.

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