“First Kiss” Video Director’s Follow-Up Has Strangers Getting Naked In Bed

Tatia Pilieva, the director of the "First Kiss" video that went ridiculously viral, has released her next montage of anonymous people getting jiggy with each other. The first video had strangers meeting for the first time and immediately kissing. In "Undress Me," Pilieva has them disrobing one another and getting into bed. Those were the only "rules" participants were given. What they did once they got naked and under the sheets was entirely up to them.
If the idea of stripping down and cuddling with a stranger isn't doing it for you, Masters of Sex, which commissioned the video, wants you to know the following: "In 1957, William Masters and Virginia Johnson began asking men and women to undress for science." This 2014 follow-up is intended to be a celebration of their groundbreaking research. That was in the name of science, though. This is in the name of advertising for a TV show (remember that "First Kiss" was an ad as well).
At the risk of being way too cynical, though, we will admit the resulting couplings are actually quite sweet and intimate. Plus, the things people say to ease the awkward pre-strip tension are always amusing. "These are my favorite trousers!" one woman says after the man disrobing her destroys the clasp. Another woman warns that her palms will get sweaty. "That's funny, mine do the same," her parter says, offering his hand to show her. And, who knows? Maybe this will result in another real-life couple.

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