UPDATE: Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse’s Marriage Plot Thickens

UPDATE: We spoke with Lizzie Post, co-author of Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, Sixth Edition, about the Cooper/Waterhouse situation. She has helped to further contextualize the ring situation, here. "From a tradition standpoint, there's a vein in your left ring finger that runs all the way to your heart. So, my guess would be that’s also why men wear their wedding ring on their left ring fingers. It’s traditionally where men wear their wedding bands. Same as women," Post explained. Is it possible that Cooper is wearing some other type of traditional ring we're not familiar with, that is frequently worn on the left ring finger? Post doesn't really think so. "I don’t know about other rings. I know a lot of men who wear class rings or championship rings wear them on their right ring fingers," she says. The plot thickens, Coops.
This story was originally published on July 10:
Two days ago, we would have ignored any rumors about a secret marriage between Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse. But, we no longer live in a world that makes sense. In this new reality, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes manage to keep a pregnancy secret for seven months. In this new life, a paparazzi photo of B.Coops and Waterhouse wearing matching bands on their left ring fingers could mean everything.
The actor's rep laughed off the rumor when ET reached out for comment. Simmer, the rep (basically) told them. The ring we see is simply Cooper's late father's engagement ring. He just wears it from time to time, so claims the rep.
Except, he does not wear this ring from time to time. In fact, he hasn't been photographed wearing finger bling (except for a role) since his previous marriage to Jennifer Esposito. So, is this a newfound sentimentality he's adopted, or is the proof in the booping? Ahead, a careful review of Bradley Cooper's left hand.

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