If These Are The Criteria, You're Probably Not A Grown-Up

According to Judaism, I became a woman when I turned 13. And, before the government implemented all of those pesky child labor laws after a few mill and sweatshop incidents, American kids grew up a lot faster, too.**
According to this BuzzFeed video, however, those of us living in the 21st century still have a lot of milestones to reach before we can officially declare ourselves adults. "How Much of a Grown-Up Are You?" reels through a bunch of statistics about the current average age at which people are achieving major life events that signal maturity.
For example, the median age of marriage has slowly crept up to 27 for women and 29 for men. The average age to buy a house is now 34. It takes five to 25 years to pay off student loans, and that means the majority of people still paying off said loans are in their 30s or older.
Oh dear. Well, as a wise movie psychiatrist once said, "Baby steps." (BuzzFeed)
what-about-bobPhoto: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures.
**Lest this joke be misinterpreted, child labor laws are extremely necessary.

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