Victoria Beckham Gets Made Under For British Vogue

Video: Courtesy of British Vogue.
What forms of coercion led Victoria Beckham to commandeer a wheelbarrow in the rain, wearing an Elie Saab gown, coat of her own design, and run-of-the-mill gardening gloves? In this behind-the-scenes video from British Vogue’s August issue, Vicky tells the camera, “I’m never afraid to try something different when I’m working with the best people.” One such person, the shoots stylist Lucinda Chambers, notes, “She has a very particular look — very cool, very pared down — and what I really wanted to do with her was to kind of rough her up a little bit,” with Wellies, the inclement-weather footwear choice of the masses.
Chambers continued, “It’s…about making Victoria feel that it’s possible to be a different character.” Say, one that would slip into an apron that reads, “too posh to wash.” (Look at us deftly side-stepping all “spice” puns while discussing kitchen wear.) “Lucinda, obviously, is so chic and so sophisticated,” Beckham gushes in the clip. “And, I really want to be her…immediately.” Dare we toss our frayed Stephen Jones hats into the ring and proclaim we really want to be her…immediately, too? Chiefly for getting Vicky into the apron. (British Vogue)

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