SCOTUSblog Is Subtweeting The Country

scotusPhoto: REX USA/Rex.
The CIA is on Twitter. So is the FBI. The Supreme Court of the United States (a.k.a. SCOTUS)? Not so much. The nine judges on the highest legal council in the land reportedly don't even use email — although it's fun to imagine them all sharing one HBO GO password when they have to make decisions involving streaming services. Since the court is a no-show on Twitter; however, irate Americans looking to voice their disappointment with Monday's Hobby Lobby decision have found another virtual scapegoat.
SCOTUSblog is a site that provides unbiased coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court. Per their "About Us" section, the blog is meant to be a helpful public service. Its Twitter bio reads "A private blog about the Supreme Court." That didn't stop people from expressing their frustration over the court's decision to @SCOTUSblog on Twitter, though. And, there's apparently only so much abuse a site devoted to comprehensive coverage of the Supreme Court can take before it gets a little snarky.
SCOTUSblog started replying to the angry messages they'd been receiving in classic subtweet form. They're not overtly rude to the Twitter users who seem to think they're tweeting to the actual Supreme Court. Still, there's a bit more 'tude in the responses than one would expect from a nonpartisan, unbiased site that holds its coverage of SCOTUS to the "highest journalistic and legal ethical standards."

Moral of the story: If you're angry with the Hobby Lobby ruling, take it up elsewhere. Unless you want a somewhat snide comeback from someone who probably agrees with you. In that case, go ahead and send that tweet to @SCOTUSblog. (Gawker)

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