One Man Does The Impossible In Shocking Video

In what is possibly the greatest accomplishment of our time, a young man has found a way to put on pants without hands. That, or he's been overcome with some kind of disturbingly twitchy dance fever. Or, possibly, both?
This video has been all over the Internet, and with good reason. It's a truly shocking feat, one we never thought possible. You should try this at home, obviously, but it seems like several conditions must be precisely set in order to emulate his example. First, you must have a particular type of pants. Not too stiff, not too stretchy, soft but not too soft. Second, you must have a soundtrack that is energetic to the point of being migraine-inducing. Third, you must have the flexibility and dedication of an Olympic athlete. Achieve these three things and you shall find pants nirvana. Good luck.

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