MAC’s New Topcoats Will Triple Your Polish Wardrobe

We rely on our topcoats to keep our nails from looking like a hot, chipped mess — and for delivering a shot of glitter when we're feeling feisty. That said, we always secretly wished someone would inject our nail care with a little extra oomph. Which is why we were stoked to see MAC swoop in like the magic fairy godmother of beauty it is and present its latest range of topcoats: Transformations.
Like the name suggests, the formulas in these bottles work to transform the shades underneath. The Liquid Pigments add a sheer, colorful sheen to your tips, making your original color look like it's glowing beneath. Texturize adds a leather finish (!), and Shadow, the bottle filled with inky black, sheathes your shade in a dark, creepy dimness.
The collection also comes with three complimentary lacquer shades, but we dare you to experiment with these topcoats on your current nail wardrobe. You may just be in for the trippy manicure of your dreams. Click through and shop on!