Why You’ll Never Have To See Ads Like This Again

aldo-bananaPhoto: Courtesy of Aldo.
In further news regarding creepy misogynists getting their comeuppance, Buzzfeed reports that mass shoe brand Aldo is dropping Terry Richardson as its go-to campaign photographer. Aldo group PR director Wendie Godbout told the site,"[We] are not currently working with Terry Richardson and we have no plan to work with him in the future."
Since the brand's concerted effort to glossify itself began in 2010, it has turned to high-fashion models and photographers to give its wares an elevated look, and has used Richardson for nine campaigns. With Terry-approved models, like Jessica Stam, Lindsey Wixson, Lily Donaldson, and Anais Pouliot, the ads routinely featured the shoes alongside some other — ahem — more unorthodox props. For all those awkward moments trying to explain to your grandma why the shoe model in the 10-foot-tall poster at the mall has a banana in her mouth (or, is straddling a totem pole, fellating a popsicle), you can direct your hate mail to Uncle Terry. Sorry, Nana — it's because a very sad man couldn't keep his own banana/totem pole/popsicle in his pants. Now, let's go get you some new slides!
This news comes as Buzzfeed tries to discern whether brands actually are distancing themselves from Richardson, especially in light of the New York magazine profile that touched heavily on his reputation within the industry. Click through to see the which other publications, retailers, and labels are doing the hurried back-away. (Buzzfeed)

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