Dov Charney Compares His Public Dismissal To “Mocking Someone’s Sexual Orientation”

dovPhoto: Johannes Kroemer/Getty Images.
American Apparel's suspended president and CEO Dov Charney agreed to a sit-down with the Financial Times (albeit in a Cadillac Escalade with blacked-out windows), his first interview since the company's board announced his dismissal. He was forced to accept a $1 million per year consultancy role or walk, an ultimatum he referred to as “exploitative of [his] dignity.” Charney’s lawyers, one of whom filed a petition with the American Arbitration Association against American Apparel on Monday, estimate he could receive $23 to $25 million in severance pay.
Charney’s attorney Patricia Glaser sent a letter to the board last week stating that the allegations against him (many sexual-misconduct related) weren’t news, and “none has resulted in court findings against” him, the FT notes. “It’s sad to me that the board are invoking sexual shame in a false way to advance their agenda,” Charney said. “[It’s] almost like mocking someone’s sexual orientation in order to advance themselves.” Surely, his “Master of Analogies” and “#1 Boss” mugs occupy the same cupboard space.
“I am the best man for this job,” he maintained in a second FT article, adding, “I think I will be back in my office before long. I will make this company happen with me still at the helm.” And, this is what it sounds like when Dov cries.

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