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The Secret To This Artist’s Success Is Rap Music (Kinda)

We've all been there: You're driving on an open highway, casually bopping on a dance floor, or barely on minute two of your treadmill run when suddenly, "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" begins to play. And instantly, it's like you're charged with the power of 40 Red Bulls. Even if you replace Jay Z with Dolly Parton, there's inarguably a bit of magic infused in the jams that get our mojo going. And, for artist Rosson Crow, it's rap that hypes her up when she's creating her fantastical larger-than-life pieces of work.
"Rap music is all about building up [your] own image," she tells us in the latest video for Nasty Gal's Portrait Of A #GIRLBOSS. And, as someone who never really fit the norm (she wore costumes and wigs to her conservative high school) and has had her own fair share of doubt (like fearing she may never sell another painting again), Crow's musical motivation tip is a pretty amazing one we can relate to. And, that goes for whether or not your medium is acrylic and oil on canvas.
Watch for more of her brilliant musings on making mistakes, standing out, and trusting yourself. And, yeah, we think Hova would approve, too.

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