Minibar, Now Delivering Parties

024_SethHoward_276_WinnieAuPhoto: Winnie Au
Minibar is the Seamless for your adult-beverage needs. And, while the liquor-delivery app used to only offer wine and spirits, the recent expansion allows you to add beer, mixers, and bar supplies to your cart as well. You can now order craft brews, mixes for your favorite cocktails, ping-pong balls, and even ice, delivered in an hour or less. Starting this summer, Minibar will also be delivering to the throngs of New Yorkers vacationing in the Hamptons, with an estimated delivery time of two hours and a $100 minimum. If you're stuck in the city, the minimum is just $25.
Previously, Minibar was only available for iOS. If you're still waiting on the Android version (coming soon) or dealing with an all-too-familiar dead iPhone, Minibar launched a website that allows for easy online ordering. All you have to do is enter your delivery address to surf the site — if you're 21-plus, of course. Settle grudges over beer pong, rewatch the last season of Scandal, try your hand at boozy baking. The convenience of ordering online, combined with the lovely weather and the right summer playlist, makes throwing that weekend barbecue a whole lot easier.