These Are The Cutest Best Friends You’ll See Today

1Photo: Courtesy of YouTube.
Oh em gee. You are about to see something so adorable that your brain might just melt. Even if you're not a cat person, we dare you not to be touched by this friendship. It seems that over at the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia, a homeless cat wandered into a lynx's enclosure, lured by the scent of food. Instead of rejecting or attacking the little calico, as wild animals are wont to do, the lynx welcomed the kitten into its home with open arms.
The two are now BFFs, spending their days eating, sleeping, and grooming together. They're so close, in fact, that the zoo adopted the calico so the feline friends could live together in harmony. There's even a YouTube video of the pair, because this story is Internet gold. Watch below, but not without a box of tissues at the ready. (Imgur)

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