Hi-Art Emojis: The Cool-Kids Way Of Texting

Photo: Courtesy of Blingo Art Inc.
You know, sometimes that dancing-woman-in-the-red-gown emoji just doesn't get across your perverse need to get your groove on. Sometimes, you need to combine that chick with a brain emoji and a body-diving-into-some-red-lips emoji to really drive home your incessant need to dance your freakin' brains out, man. You know, do what Lil Jon says and get outta your mind!
Look no further than the just-released Hi-Art app. It's the first iOS texting app that combines conceptual artistry with pop culture and GIFs (GIFs!!). Think of it as the downtown, cool-kid app to the reserved uptown, traditional yellow-smiley-face app.
Artists and various celebrities like Ghostface Killah, Todd James, and Jason Derulo all have respective emoji packs available for download. Hi-Art's founder, Nico Dios, explained: "As we looked through the emoji and sticker content that was out there, we noticed it did not adequately represent youth culture." So, he joined forces to create content worthy of those who want to push the boundaries rather than stay inside the quaint (but expanding) iOS emoji box [insert shrugging pink lady here].

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