Here’s Why You Should Still Use NYC Pay Phones

Every day, New Yorkers walk past thousands of pay phones. Although these bygone necessities are still perfectly functional, they're seemingly obsolete — until now.
In a bout of nostalgia paired with a solid dose of cuteness, two friends took it upon themselves to remind Big Apple locals that outdated pay phones can still serve a purpose. (Yes, even in the age of the iPhone.) They taped quarters to the top of a phone booth in Brooklyn, put up a sign that read "Call Someone You Love," and recorded the reactions of passersby. Much to our delight, the experiment got a lot of attention as Brooklynites jumped at the chance to phone a friend. Sons and daughters stopped to call their mothers, folks phoned faraway loved ones, and a group even left a voicemail for a soon-to-be-pleasantly-surprised pal.
Check out the clip below. If you're having FOMO about it, just grab some quarters and try it yourself — you've got 8,971 phones to choose from.
Video credit: YouTube.