How To Pick Up A Girl, According To Science

PhoneHeart_AustinWatts copyIllustrated by Austin Watts.
Most men are taught from an early age that when it comes to getting a girl's phone number, there's no real science behind it — no secret algorithm or formula that needs to be unlocked. Instead, a man's success at securing digits depends on intangibles such as chemistry and instinct. Well, Nicolas Gueguen is here to tell us otherwise.
The French behavioral scientist carried out hundreds of different experiments in what he calls "courtship behavior," developing five science-backed tips to help men find the girl of their dreams.
According to Gueguen, making her laugh works 43% of the time, so dust off those knock-knock jokes, fellas: You're gonna need them. If you don't consider yourself a young Chris Rock, then it might be time to break out the ukulele, since simply looking like a musician does the trick 31% of the time.
An air of sensitivity works 24% of the time, but we're not really sure how one pulls that off. Maybe a beret? Being attractive can be considered the most obvious method, but surprisingly, it only works 22% of the time, unless you're Ryan Gosling. Then it just works all the time.
Finally, if all else fails, Gueguen suggests looking helpless, which will entice a woman to cough up her digits 15% of the time. So, if you suddenly start seeing random dudes walking around town scratching their heads with a befuddled look on their face, you'll know who to thank. (New York Magazine)

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