LeBron James Is The Butt Of The Internet's Newest Joke

During the first game of the 2014 NBA Finals on Thursday night, the Heat and the Spurs faced off in an arena with a broken air conditioning system. As you can imagine, that made for a less than desirable playing environment. We're talking almost 90 degrees. It affected even the most notable of players — namely, LeBron James.
Following a layup, he experienced cramps in his legs, unable to move. He was carried off the court with just a few minutes left of the game. Now, social media is ablaze with #LeBroning.
Previously, #LeBroning poked fun at the way the NBA player often "overreacted" to minor contact with other players. Now, it's taken on a new life, mocking James' game-one incident. The hashtag accompanies images of two friends holding a third friend in the air, while the hoisted friend winces in pain. (It should come as no surprise that Spurs fans are at the heart of this movement.)
This isn't the first time a sports star has become a victim of the hashtag. Remember Tebowing? And, since none of us are a professional athlete, we can't pretend to imagine what it would actually feel like to play at that level in that heat. One thing is for certain, though: No one would dare try #LeBroning in front of James himself. Besides, if he can handle Lance Stephenson being the most annoying person of all time, we're pretty sure he's not gonna let a little hashtag get to him. (USA Today)

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