This Summer’s Friendship Bracelet Is An Arm Party Of One

It's a hard fact of life: As we grow and change, so do our friendship...bracelets. In elementary school, you wove them yourself with embroidery thread, tying the end to your big toe to keep it taut. (Just this writer?) Then, for the past several years, you couldn’t wait to sport the high-fashion iteration, stacking them practically up to your elbows.
This summer, the classic camp accessories are back, and our pals over at Teen Vogue have rounded up the newest styles, inspiring us to think outside the box stitch. These eclectic beauties, boasting everything from enamel beetles to neon spikes, make for an easy update to the tattered, textile versions of yesteryear.
But, this time around, we like them all alone. A minimalist take lets the bracelet (and your undying love for your BFF) take center stage. Plus, if you decide to take a dip, you’ll only have one awkwardly cold, wet piece of string around your wrist. Freedom! (Teen Vogue)

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