The Chloë Sevigny Clothing Archive Is A Place That Exists

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In an undisclosed Connecticut location, likely surrounded by multiple layers of chain-link fence decorated with Rob Pruitt yarn art, can be found a trove of Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler, and Prada. Rooms upon rooms contain stockpiles of white Wayfarers, jean jackets, high-waisted shorts, and ankle socks folded neatly next to penny loafers. This, collectors of Sassy back issues, is your Emerald City. More precisely, it's Chloë Sevigny's clothing archive.
"I don't know why, but I hold onto outfits from almost every event I've ever gone to," the 39-year-old actress told "And, because I have my Opening Ceremony line, I save some things separately, in case I want them for inspiration." The annals include "lots of X Girl stuff," she continues. "I have stuff from junior high — some Guess? and Esprit and Benetton streetwear — and I also have my first communion dress." We want to go there.
But, why? (To study the sock/loafer pairings.) For millennials, Sevigny says, part of the draw is a universal born-too-late mentality. "I also think the kids who are really into the '90s now… might be a little more obsessed, a little more upset that they missed it," she says. "And, I think it's because, if you were a teenager or a 20-something in the '90s, you were the last generation of the pre-Internet age… We were the last kids who had to connect, physically, to music or fashion, because if we didn't have a mixtape or a magazine, it wasn't like you could just Google it." And, come across this Tumblr. We had to hack our T-shirts into crop tops and lash on our slap bracelets by ourselves, and fortunately, no one could Instagram it. Simpler times. (

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