Meet The Internet's New Favorite Cat

The Internet loves cats — even more than this reporter loves cats (and, embarrassingly, that's a lot). But, the Internet is also fickle. It's not going to dote on one little feline forever — it's going to keep searching and searching for the next kitty crush. The newest honoree is Stitch, an adorably ugly Devon Rex breed who lives in the UK. His online star is rising thanks to his addictive Instagram profile.
Not only is little Stitch funny looking in an Internet-perfect sort of way, but he allows his owner to put him in all sorts of ridiculous positions and poses. Stitch hangs out in boxes, he lounges in baby strollers (baby strollers!), and he sits in cooking pots. He does all this while totally owning his oversized ears and incredibly wrinkly jowls. Stitch has 13,000 followers to date, so it's only a matter of time before he scores a major deal and becomes the new Grumpy Cat. Lucky little kitty. (Jezebel)

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