SNL's Mango Makes A Triumphant Comeback For Alexander Wang

Enthusiasts of late-nineties and early-aughts Saturday Night Live, rejoice! The newest T by Alexander Wang film features Mango, the exotic dancer played by Chris Kattan. You remember Mango: Dressed in spangled, gold hot pants (or a luxurious silk robe during his introspective-diva moments), he would dry-hump everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Ellen DeGeneres. Of course, he made sure to remind the recipients of his fleeting affection, "You can't have-a-da-Mango!" But, Alex Wang can. In an exclusive trailer cut for, an elevator opens to reveal the sprite in what appears to be a snowstorm wearing his signature short shorts. How fashion of him! The complete movie will premiere on the designer's site and social media pages June 3.
Wang told "I've always loved Mango's character from SNL, and to be able to work with [Kattan] was such an honor…Having fun and a sense of humor is so important to me that when I'm able to incorporate it into my work, I run with it." Run with Linda Richman of Coffee Talk next, please. (

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