Are You A Social-Media Try Hard? This Algorithm Will Help You Find Out

There's a new language we're all learning, and no, it's not Dothraki. It's the language of social media, and knowing how to speak it properly is more important than ever.
That's where Axe comes in.
To promote its new line of Matte Effect hair products, the male-grooming brand teamed up with the creative agency Barton F. Graf 9000 to help you determine if you're overdosing on selfies or if hashtags just aren't your thing.
Log in to the new site Social Effort Scale with any one of your social-media accounts, and it will examine a number of different factors to determine whether you're trying too hard or not hard enough. Those factors include "the number and kinds of hashtags and emojis you use, and the frequency/kind of your posts."
Full disclosure: This writer signed in via Twitter, and was labeled a full-on try hard. The good news is the algorithm also allows you to check where your favorite celebrities rank, and it appears that both Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake are Twitter try hards too. If this writer and the Justins are all trying too hard on Twitter, well then apparently it's the #thingtodo.
Find out if your social-media game needs adjusting here, and check out a charming little video about Social Effort Scale below. (Fast Co. Create)

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