Here’s How To Get A Billion Likes On Your Profile Picture

Choosing the right profile picture might be one of the toughest decisions you'll ever have to make. What college should you go to? Who cares? But, trying to choose between that photo of the time you saw Teri Hatcher at a ball game or the one of you in mid-jump on the Costa Rican beach? Now that's hair-pulling stuff right there.
Profile pictures are often the first thing potential employers, friends, and lovers will see. They're the first impression of the digital age, and they need to be tight.
Luckily, PhotoFeeler conducted a study to determine what factors will get you the most likes on whatever picture you ultimately decide to go with. The profile-photo-testing website surveyed 60,000 ratings of perceived "competence, likability, and influence" for 800 profile pictures.
Here, some tips: Squinching your eyes, smiling with teeth, and formal wear are key. Face-only shots, dark photos, and wearing sunglasses are not. Setting is said to have no effect whatsoever, which kind of makes us want to cancel our trip to Paris this summer.
According to the study, accentuating your jawline is also recommended. So, that's why Ben Affleck's profile photo has way more likes than ours...
Check out the rest of Photofeeler's results in the infographic below. (LifeHacker)

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