LadyPockets Is The Fashion Internet's New Favorite Site

640ladyCourtesy of LadyPockets.
"Get the Look! Ruth Bader Ginsburg" marks the headline moment the fashion Internet has been waiting for; it's now a glorious reality, thanks to parody site LadyPockets. "A bold military jacket is a girl's best friend!" trumpets the magazine-like layout. "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses, but who cares when you're up all night reading bench memorandums," says the endorsement of Ginsburg's unsexy specs. Then there's her white maxi-skirt, a "versatile classic…perfect for a night at the opera with Justice Scalia or a drink with longtime friend Nina Totenberg," where you'll typically find us sporting ours. (Scalia, you cad.)
LadyPockets is the brainchild of Katherine Fritz, also the writer of the cleverly titled I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog. She used IABMMNTRTB to describe LP's mission: "[I]nstead of writing the great American Novel, I made a fake fashion + lifestyle blog where I tell you where to buy [Ginsburg's] earrings." The Huffington Post points out, "The blog, of course, is meant to be a joke, but its content sparks a bigger conversation. The women featured on this site are fierce, competent, leading figures in our world and, yet, are still subject to criticism based on gender (you know, like how becoming a grandmother could have a negative effect on Hillary's potential presidential run.)" Click through to read more about why LadyPockets stands out among the pack. (The Huffington Post)

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