Kendall Jenner Hits The Kimye Wedding Photo Booth

Yesterday's nuptials between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have been unlike any other, but they didn't stray from one wedding trend: the photo booth. Throw in a food truck and some repurposed mason jars and it could have been every wedding you've gone to this year. (Except for that whole flying to Florence/Lana Del Rey/Valentino brunch thing, of course.)
Taking a rare break from her signature selfies, sister of the bride Kendall Jenner was among the guests lining up for some souvenir snaps. The model later shared pics of her "twinning" with pal Allie Rizzo during the festivities.
Jaden Smith, Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend, and the Kardashian sisters also hopped in the booth for their own tastefully done black and white images. Nothing says "party favor" like a photo of you smooching your hubby's nose, right?
Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis managed to pull the beautiful bride in for this. New Facebook profile pic!
The guests at least seem to be enjoying themselves. And, considering what this spectacle must have cost, they had better be! (E! Online)

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