This Infographic Will Help You Soundtrack Your Work Week

For many of us, listening to music is an essential part of getting through the slog of the work week. This writer relies on iconic movie soundtracks to help him develop witty GIF captions or speculate on who's dating who. Some favorites: Trent Reznor's pulsating score for The Social Network or Bernard Herrmann's sweeping music from Taxi Driver. But, what works for some vocations, might not necessarily work for others.
Here, the type of job you have and how it directly dictates the kind of music you should be listening to is strikingly laid out in this infographic from the speaker company Sonos. It's pretty simple. For more creative lines of work, classical or ambient music help improve both visual attention and focus respectively. All you graphic designers out there better get on that Tchaikovsky tip, stat.
For those of you who rely on your bodies to bring home the bacon, rock, punk, and hip-hop should be dominating your playlist. After all, Drake didn't become the darling of the NBA for his sweaters.
Check out the impressive music map below. (Fast Company)
Image By Sonos.

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