Social Media Is Making Prom Crazy

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Prom has never been the most low-key of affairs. But, what was once a chance to trot out your satin Jessica McClintock gown and maybe slow dance to Savage Garden has become a balls-to-the-wall spectacle straight out of My Super Sweet 16. Apparently, Instagram and other social media sites are to blame.
Prom photos were once relegated to posing for Mom and Dad on the front lawn, and maybe stuffing a disposable camera into your sequined clutch. Now, everything's on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Getting "likes" requires going all out, which means spending money.
“I posted my prom pictures on Instagram and one got 143 likes,” 18-year-old Olivia Perrault told the New York Post about her $4,000 prom experience this month. “Of course, it’s a great feeling.”
Teens tell the paper that striving to make a splash on social networking sites puts pressure on them to have the best dress, the best hair, and the best ride, no matter the cost.
"Social media is definitely a part of the hype for going all-out for prom," Bronx high school senior Joeann Salvati said. "It’s more acceptable to post about your expensive night rather than brag about it — it makes being pretentious okay. Most people want to show their followers they had a good time, almost as if their ‘likes’ are reassurance.”
Though a recent study shows that prom spending has actually dropped 14% in the last year, some teens are still eager to splash out on custom dresses and luxury after-parties. With all the frenzied double-tapping before, during, and after the big event, it's like the Met Ball for high schoolers — with Mom and Dad (or an after-school job) footing the bill. (NY Post)

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