PUPPIES! The 10 Most Popular Dogs In America

Sometimes, it feels like life is just one big popularity contest. That's because it is. Especially when you're a dog. Our pups feel pressure to be the most-sniffed at the park, the best-behaved at obedience class...the list goes on. While each dog is beautiful in his or her own furry way, clearly America feels particular towards a certain set of breeds.
The American Kennel Club just released its annual list of the most popular dogs, and it reads like a "Who's Who" of, well, retrievers. For the 23rd year in a row, the Labrador Retriever won the top spot of all the Fidos in all the towns in all the United States. The runners-up are pretty predictable, too. In short, it's tough out there for a mutt (or a Lhasa Apso).

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