Meet The Vogue Editor Who Can’t Stand Fad Diets

alexandra-shulmanPhoto: Courtesy of The New Potato.
If you think being the editor of a major fashion publication means swapping in green juices for at least two meals every day and measuring your caloric intake to a T, you've seen one too many rom-coms. Also, perhaps you're not acquainted with Alexandra Shulman, the editor-in-chief of British Vogue.
"I’m really, horribly uninterested in it," Shulman says about diet fads in an interview with The New Potato. "I’m quite anti-crazes, full stop. Particularly where it has to do with food." This declaration says a lot about what makes Shulman, and the fact that she holds a leadership position at such an influential women's magazine, so special. (So does the part about Champagne being an essential part of her "ideal" lunch.) "I just wish people could take a bit more pleasure — real pleasure — in food, without eating and then self-flagellating about it immediately afterwards."
In a time when the fashion industry's caught a lot of criticism for promoting unrealistic — even unhealthy — body ideals, it's noteworthy to hear one of its own representatives saying something so, well, practical. Shulman's no-nonsense stance is empowering, refreshing, and exactly how we like to think about our diets, too. With British Vogue treating food content as an important part of its identity, this EIC certainly practices what she preaches — adding another layer of honesty to the candid chat. And, we can all raise a guilt-free glass of bubbly to that. (The New Potato)

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