These Are The Booziest Countries In The World

Wine_4_RockieNolanPhotographed by Rockie Nolan.
Last night's episode of Anthony Bourdain's fascinating CNN travel show Parts Unknown saw the adventurer visit Vladimir Putin's Russia. He ate loads of caviar, rode regal old trains, and drank vodka. Lots of vodka. And, that makes sense: In Russia, alcohol — especially that clear, ethanol elixir — is part of the culture, and a new study from the World Health Organization proves it.
According to the report, Russians pop bottles more than almost anyone else in the world, as do many of the nation's neighbors, like Ukraine and Belarus. Other countries that rank high on the booze index include Portugal, Grenada, and Andorra, which consumed a whopping 12.5 liters per person older than 15 back in 2010.
While Americans aren't exactly Mormons (well, some are), their alcohol consumption of around eight liters per person pales in comparison to that of their northern neighbors. In fact, Canada's obsessive beer culture has the nation ranking as high as some of Europe's heaviest drinking countries.
But, Canadians can't hold their liquor compared to the steely populace of Mother Russia, whose alcohol consumption has been linked to a rash of early deaths, according to the BBC. You see, while partying once in a while can be kind of fun, alcohol is also the cause of things like liver disease, alcohol poisoning, and poor decision-making. But, we're hoping you already knew that. (Business Insider)

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