The Whitney Art Party In 24 Stylish Snaps

The annual Whitney Art Party is a bright spot on attendees' calendars every year. Aside from the booze, there's music (this year, thanks to DJ couple Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis). Aside from the music, there's fashion (this year, sponsored by MaxMara). Aside from the fashion, there's great people-watching (hi, Zoe Saldana!). And, aside from great people-watching, there's an entire space filled with art by well-known and on-the-rise talent, including an all-white mic by Daniel Arsham and a pic of Basquiat with Warhol. So, you can imagine that working this particular room doesn't feel like work at all. But, as we all know, the memory of a bash is often as good as the bash itself. And, it lives on through those blessed party pics. Ahead, we relive some of the best looks and moments from Thursday night's event. No work necessary.