Could “Internal Bra” Surgery Make Your Lingerie Obsolete?

embed 2Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.
Last week, we reported on women seeking foot surgery to fit into designer heels. You know, because just wearing wider shoes is apparently not an acceptable option. Now, there's a whole new category of surgical body modification to address problems that could be solved with fashion. Ladies, meet the so-called "internal bra." Frankly, this concept skeeves us even more than surgery to correct the epidemic of "toebesity."
Jezebel reports that a company called Orbix Medical is seeking FDA approval for its Orbix Breast Support System, a "bra-shaped silicone sling" that fits inside the breast tissue, and is attached to the ribs and breast bone with titanium anchors and surgical threads, "like the bottom part of an underwire bra," Yossi Mazel, the company's COO, told ABC News. Or, "a hammock that sits underneath your breast to keep it supported," he offered, in a thoroughly disturbing simile that will henceforth makes us side-eye hammocks.
Apparently, this process lasts longer than traditional breast-lift surgery because it actually builds support into the breast tissue, creating fabulous, never-sag robo-boobs. It also causes minimal scarring compared to a traditional lift, and is already being performed in Europe. But, you know what doesn't cause scars and is available right here, right now? A really good bra. No titanium anchors or flesh hammocks required. (Jezebel)

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