Adriana Lima Played Limbo With A Pole, Still Flawless

So, a model walks into a bar...and continues walking. And, in Adriana Lima's case, walking on into a bus to shame the protruding bar it's attached to that broke her elongated stride.
The Victoria's Secret Angel played a little Lima Limbo with a bus the other day in New York while being followed by paparazzi. In what's likely to not become the thunk heard around the modeling world, Lima's unsuspecting waltz with a mirror is a lesson to us common folk: Look up.
Hey, we all fall down. Things fall apart, some things get bumped into, but the most important thing — in anything — is to not let it break our character. Look at Lima: She sashayed into the pole and then sashayed away from it with grace, dignity, and angel-like poise. What's her secret? Victoria's, obviously. She could've wallowed in her embarrassment, letting the paparazzi's "oohs" wash over her while wondering if she, for a moment, lost her wings. But, no. She picked herself back up, stuck it to the bus, and refused to let it consume her. The show must go on, after all.
And, here's a gif for, you know, fun. (The Gloss)