Are You Desperate To Leave Your State? You Probably Live In Illinois

As Dorothy once said, there's no place like home. Unless of course, your home is Illinois. According to a new Gallup poll, 50% of the residents in the Midwest linchpin want to live somewhere else. Joining Illinois with the dubious honor of being most undesirable are East Coast states Connecticut and Maryland.
What is it that makes these particular states so unlivable?
Most of the Illinois residents polled stated work-related issues as the main reason for their desire to move, while weather was a close second. The state has had a scandal-plagued leadership for decades, and the winters can be particularly brutal. We won't soon forget the polar vortex.
On the opposite side of the coin, inhabitants of Montana, Maine, and Hawaii are the most content with their place of residence. The three states are some of the most picturesque in the country, so it's no wonder their residents are so happy. In fact, after the weather Armageddon in New York this past week, the sun-soaked beaches of Hawaii sound pretty good right about now. See you in Honolulu, people. (Jezebel)

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