Are You A Big Deal On Twitter? Here’s How To Find Out

Horiz_Split_EmbedPhoto: Courtesy of Twitter.
Earlier this year, we told you about SocialRank, the brand new start-up from Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld, whose goal it was to help you rank your most valuable and engaged Twitter followers based on some very specific data. Brands in particular gravitated towards the tool as a way to track and target their most prized followers.
Today SocialRank unfurled the next phase of their Twitter takeover with VerifiedFollowers, a tool that allows you to check how many verified followers you have. Granted, the average Twitter user likely won't have more than a handful of verified accounts following them (if at all), which makes this tool more valuable to brands and celebrities. In fact, Taub told us via email that the impetus for VerifiedFollowers occurred when a friend who manages celebs asked if he and Schonfeld could develop a tool to find out which major accounts were following his clients, in hopes that it could lead to potential partnerships or collaborations. (In other words: to help him put the "network" in "social network".)
"Before we put it out there, we looked around and couldn't find a tool that helped you do this that was cheap or free, had a decent design, and was fairly quick about it," said Taub. "That was the biggest reason for making it happen."
Taub went on to admit that while the tool may not be as beneficial to the majority of Twitter users, he still received a load of emails this morning from users telling him that his tool helped them discover that they were being followed by some pretty major accounts. That led this writer trying it out as well, and sigh, still no Katy Perry.

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