Somewhere Out There, Nicki Minaj’s Wigs Are Feeling Sad And Lonely

rexusa_2061743asPhoto: Rob Latour/REX USA.
Is it just us, or is Nicki Minaj not looking a lot like Nicki Minaj lately? On her most recent red carpets Minaj is letting her natural hair hang and sketching inky black liner over her lids. Gone is the era of out-to-there, frizzy, blonde wigs and Pepto-pink lipstick. Which is why Cosmopolitan took a second to chat with Oscar James, aka the new hair man in Minaj's life, because, well, he's kind of been working overtime lately now that Nicki has ditched the crazy hair (and her longtime wig man, Terrence Davidson).
"She wants to do less," James says. "Just less, less, less." Sparkles? Nope. Layers of false lashes? Gone. Minaj seems to have gone from over-the-top to understated in the span of one red carpet, and she looks amazing and eye-catching even without the layers of lashes and sky-high hair.
Maybe that's why Minaj's change seems to resonate with us so much. Here's a woman who leaned in hard to a very specific image at the start of her career — and that image has pretty much grown at the same rate as her popularity. But now? "I'm trying to gradually get her back into wigs, but she's adamant now," James said. "She doesn't want it." So somewhere, there is a room full of her rainbow wigs that are going unworn. There's got to be some sort of charity for that, right? (Cosmopolitan)

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