KFC’s Chicken Corsage Is The Stuff of Prom Nightmares

You know how other countries sometimes pick on us Yanks for being gluttonous, capitalistic, tubs of lard, and we think, "Hey, that's not fair"? Well, in this instance, we can do nothing but hold up our hands and bow our heads in shame. KFC's latest ploy really is that bad.
In the grossest thing to hit prom night since Carrie's bucket of pig's blood, Colonel Sanders and Co. are now selling fried-chicken corsages. To wear. With an evening gown. In front of the entire school.
The fast-food chain has partnered with Nanz & Kraft Florists of Louisville, KY, to create a limited supply of corsages affixed with baby's breath (fresh for locals, silk for those ordering from out-of-town). The floral arrangement costs $20 plus shipping, and come with a $5 KFC gift card so you can add your own drumstick. It's up to you to choose the type of chicken — Extra Crispy or Original Recipe.
We can just imagine the grease drippings on your silk Jessica McClintock gown, or your bonehead date gnawing on your wrist as you slow dance to "Counting Stars." How romantic. Surely, a drumstick doesn't figure into your teenage dream? (Mashable)

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