Dining At Eleven Madison Park Is Like Dining At Downton Abbey

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Eleven Madison Park.
We'd like to spend a day as a guest at Downton Abbey. We could do without the drama between the family or the staff, but we would love the experience of someone (or several someones) caring for our every need and desire. While we can't exactly time travel to early 20th-century England, we can go to Eleven Madison Park. And, from what we can glean from Grub Street's review, it may be a pretty close second.

The secret to the restaurant's ultimate service? The individualized attention it provides each patron. The
maître d', Justin Roller, googles guests to see what they do, where they're from, if they're celebrating an anniversary or birthday. And, if so, which one? He matches servers with similar interests to make for the best experience possible. Each diner gets their own four-person staff consisting of a captain, sommelier, server, and assistant server. All that's missing is the Dowager Countess. (Grub Street)